About Us

Our History

Steve and Lilly Perreault

Tulsa, Inc. was established in 1971 by Steve and Lilly Perreault. Under the name Van Buren Tulsa, it started as a small convenience store/gas station with car repair and towing services. From the beginning, Steve and Lilly made it their mission to provide prompt and friendly service for the local community and surrounding area.

Our first delivery-truck

In 1982, Steve bought Tulsa’s first fuel oil delivery truck with the intention of naming it “Perro Petro,” but decided “Tulsa” was a better fit. In 1984, Steve and Lilly closed the repair shop and expanded the convenience store. This change provided several more jobs and also gave their four children the opportunity to become a part of the family business.

Our first tanker

Tulsa’s wholesale service began in January 1987 with the company’s purchase of its first transport truck. Tulsa became a self-sufficient supplier of gasoline and diesel and was able to turn its focus outward, expanding its delivery network to other retail dealers in the following years.

With the addition of a second gasoline island and a canopy to top it off, 1991 brought more exciting changes. A new, bigger office was added to the rear of the store that year. It was also in 1991 that Steve and Lilly changed the name of the company to “Tulsa Inc.”

In August 2010, Tulsa purchased the former Easton One Stop located in Easton and, after numerous renovations, reopened it in 2011. In 2012, they branded the gasoline to Valero at this location.

Since the founding of Tulsa Inc., we have held to a very simple philosophy: exceptional service to our customers in order to keep our customers. Tulsa’s success is due to the individual contributions made by each member of our team of 28 employees. Our staff is committed to delivering the finest service available to our customers, ensuring that these relationships continue well into the future.