Service Area

We proudly serve Aroostook County families and businesses!

Tulsa offers heating oil delivery, kerosene delivery and commercial diesel fuel delivery to Maine residents who reside in the towns below. We also operate two gas station/convenience stores in Van Buren and Easton!

Delivery Schedule

Van Buren (04785)
Monday thru Friday

Caribou and Connor Twp. (04736)
Summer Months (May-October): Thursday
Winter Months (November–April): Wednesday and Thursday

Limestone, Caswell (04750), Easton (04740)
Summer Months (May–October): Thursday
Winter Months (November-April): Wednesday

Stockholm, Madawaska Lake (04783), New Sweden (04762), Cross Lake (04779)

Madawaska (04756), Grand Isle (04746), St David (04773), St Agatha (04772), Frenchville (04745), Sinclair (04779)
Summer Months (May–October): Friday
Winter Months (November–April): Tuesday and Friday

Presque Isle (04769), Chapman (04756), Westfield (04787)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday