Budget Plan

budgetplanTwo ways to take the shock out of high seasonal price spikes

Have you noticed that the peak times you need winter and summer energy are also the times when you need extra cash for presents and vacations?

The financial strain of unexpected spikes in seasonal fuel payments can be significant to families who are doing their best to manage their month-to-month energy budgets.

Fortunately, Tulsa offers you two ways to make your annual energy budget far more predictable and affordable.

Budget plan option #1

With our most popular budget plan, we estimate your annual fuel bill by looking at your own history or that of your neighborhood, and dividing it into 11 equal payments.

With your credit card on file, we simply deduct your scheduled payments automatically, so you can plan your monthly costs more accurately and avoid higher peak season payments.

Near the end of your 11-month contract, we will compare the estimated costs with the actual costs. Should you have slightly underpaid, we will charge the balance due in the 12th month. Should you have slightly overpaid, we will credit the overage to that 12th month instead.

Budget plan option #2BudgetPlanChart

Should you have the means to do so, we also offer you the opportunity to pre-pay the 11 months at an X% discount below the calculated average monthly cost. This allows your family to have a locked-in, lower annual energy bill while eliminating it at a monthly payment over the 11-month span. Any underages or overages are determined during the 11th month, and adjusted accordingly for the 12 month.

Contact us today to learn more about our budget plans and to arrange the plan that is best for you!