Kerosene Delivery

Tulsa has your kerosene needs covered.kerosene

Families who live in mobile homes, companies that use mobile homes at worksites, and even some families whose traditional homes lack foundations all depend upon kerosene to power their heating equipment.

In our service area, that means they need a dependable, affordable kerosene delivery company that can see them through even the bitterest winter Maine nights.

As with our heating oil deliveries, you can depend on Tulsa to deliver kerosene to your location on time, every time — barring unforeseen weather or traffic emergencies.

Year-round automatic delivery for homes and businesses

We calculate delivery schedules for new customers based on your past needs (if you have been using another kerosene delivery company) or your neighbors’ needs (if you are new to town).

With over 40 years of knowledge behind us to know how much kerosene your home or business will generally burn, we use that information as well as current weather indicators to adjust during a given season.

With your approved credit card on file, we use these trends and your tank meters to deliver our kerosene at a pace that always ensures that you will never run out, even during the aftermath of a weather emergency.

Enjoy worry-free storage with our tank protection program

Budget and save with our price protection programs

Along with automatic deliveries, we also provide our customers with many price protection savings opportunities:

  • Budget Plans — So you to spread payments over 11 equal payments
  • Price Protection Programs — So you can set an upper price limit for your fuel
  • Pre-paid Fuel Delivery Plans — So you can pay in full up front for a year at a discount

Contact us today to schedule your next home or commercial kerosene delivery — small and large quantities allowed!